By providing a platform to share data on Ebola virus disease, we promote collaboration among the clinical management and research community in order to maximise resources, prioritise research, leverage existing knowledge and accelerate outputs.


Ebola Clinical Trial Data Access Committee (Ebola Trial DAC)

The Ebola Clinical Trial Data Access Committee is responsible for ensuring that access to data answers questions of value to the local, scientific, and public health communities. The Wellcome Trust provides the secretariat for the Ebola Trial DAC.

The process established to access these data, as well as the Committee’s experience, will inform the design of IDDO’s Ebola platform, currently under construction. 

Data contributors

We are grateful for the support of the organisations that have shared data through this platform. A huge number of committed individuals are behind each of these entities. It is through their hard work and dedication to patients infected with the disease that the data was produced.


In addition to the investment made by each data producer, the following organisations have provided direct funding for the development and execution of the EVD data platform: