As a pilot project, the visceral leishmaniasis data sharing platform aims to pool data from the few clinical trials available to improve treatment outcomes for VL patients.

Despite the devastating impact of visceral leishmaniasis (VL) and the large number of people affected, few studies have been conducted. Most of the studies that have been undertaken are dose ranging or comparative studies which try to determine the optimal doses for available medications.

Through the VL data sharing platform, IDDO provides an opportunity for VL researchers to pool data from different VL clinical trials in order to enhance the statistical power of the available data. A larger pooled dataset will be more effective in determining optimal dose ranges and will provide a deeper insight into VL characteristics.

The VL data sharing platform will therefore provide a way of answering specific research questions that it would not be possible to answer through single studies. IDDO is committed to filling research gaps in neglected tropical diseases by providing innovative approaches to data use and by creating secure and equitable data sharing platforms and processes, not only for VL but for other infectious diseases as well.

A dedicated data management team at IDDO performs data curation and standardisation procedures for each submitted study thus ensuring the quality of the data held in the VL data repository.

The main objectives of this platform are to:

  • Provide a secure and equitable data sharing platform that meets the needs of VL researchers;
  • Facilitate pooled analysis of standardised VL data submitted by VL researchers in order to answer specific research questions which are of key interest to the VL community;
  • Provide a one-stop shop and reference point for VL researchers;
  • Develop data standards and tools that will strengthen and shape future VL clinical trial design;
  • Improve future VL clinical trial design through better understanding of VL treatment outcome determinants.

The VL Surveyor provides summary data from clinical trials across the world.