Emmanuel Abayomi

Akin Abayomi is presently with the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research in Lagos, Nigeria. Prior to this he was the Chief Pathologist and Head of the Division of Haematology at the University of Stellenbosch's Faculty of Medicine Sciences in Cape Town, South Africa. He is a specialist in Internal Medicine, Haematology, Environmental Health and Biobanking. He studied at the Royal Medical College of St Bartholomew’s Hospital in the University of London with fellowships from both Royal College of Medicine and Pathology in the United Kingdom and the College of Medicine of South Africa. He has worked in several countries around the world in Internal Medicine, Haematology and Biosecurity.

Professor Abayomi is the Chair of the H3Africa Consortium Data and Biospecimen Access Committee, Principal Investigator of the Global Emerging Pathogens Consortium, which was established at the height of the West African Ebola Outbreak to address biosecurity concerns in Africa. Akin is a member of the African Academy of Science committee on Data governance. Akin is also the lead consultant on the Biobank, Biosecurity and Biodata Ebola Rescue Projects in Sierra Leone and Lagos Nigeria. Akin is consulting for the Lagos State Biosecurity Project and the West African Health Organization Biosecurity and Biobanking framework to service the ECOWAS member countries.