Dr Mosoka Fallah
Ebola SC Member
National Public Health Institute, Liberia Ministry of Health

Mosoka is currently developing a USAID-funded flagship program for the recruitment, training and deployment of community health officers. He has broad experience across the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Liberia, medical centres and other non-profit organisations, and worked extensively with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) during Liberia’s civil war.

He founded Refuge Place International, a non-profit organisation to construct a maternal newborn and child (MNC) clinic and develop health services in Monrovia. As executive director, he recruited Liberian-American and US health professionals to develop a training curriculum for health workers. He also helped to co-found, and is the current vice-president of, Horizon International, a non-profit helping women and children affected by war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Dr Fallah has valuable experience in public health (Global Health) program development, implementation and evaluation, with particular expertise in: MNC, Women, Gender and Health, public health workforce development, health care delivery research and program management in peri-urban slums. His expertise also includes Infectious disease epidemiology (malaria, TB and HIV\AIDS).