Cholrawee Promnarate
Laboratory Technologist
Research Theme

Cholrawee Promnarate is a Laboratory Technologist at the IDDO Asia Regional Centre. She joined the WorldWide Antimalarial Research Network (WWARN), now part of the IDDO platform, in June 2013.  As part of her role, Cholrawee works to support international collaborative projects such as the IMPROV study, TME study, TRAC study, and malaria projects in Bangladesh. Her key responsibilities are organising sample shipment, developing documents, packaging and shipping of specimens, and supporting study sites on laboratory equipment and laboratory consumables. Cholrawee has a MSc. Medical Sciences, Major Molecular Biology and Genetics, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. Before Joining WWARN, Cholrawee worked as a laboratory technician for the Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Science.