Contributing data

Sharing data is critical to fighting malaria drug resistance. Only by working together to share knowledge and resources, can we help to better understand and prevent the spread of antimalarial drug resistance. If we can combine and compare data from different studies and locations, we will all benefit from a better understanding of the factors affecting drug resistance.

Shoklo Malaria Research Unit
Credit: Shoklo Malaria Research Unit

WWARN is committed to ethical, open and transparent practices which respect the rights of patients, data owners, investigators, researchers and organisations contributing to the WWARN Data Repository.

We invite researchers and clinical investigators to share their knowledge and experience by working in partnership with WWARN. To take part, you can share your data using a secure online system which accepts patient, sample or assay-level data in almost any format.

In close collaboration with the contributor, WWARN staff transform submitted primary data sets of individual patient or parasite results into a standard format. The original data files, an audit trail of any changes made during curation and transformation, and the resultant data set are all available to the contributor and any individuals nominated by the contributor. 

WWARN facilitates collaborative study groups of data contributors conducting pooled analyses of their data to answer specific research questions. Each group develops a statistical analysis plan and members can choose to participate actively as authors, if publication is anticipated. See the WWARN Publication Policy for more information.

WWARN may also produce summary regional reports and make these available on the website. Such reports will not focus on individual studies, instead aggregating data from many studies. These reports will acknowledge all contributing studies without identifying individual authors.

We welcome your interest in sharing your data across our network. If you decide to share your data we can either make it open access to anyone, or request only restricted access with careful management. If you are interested in finding out more, please email