Andrew Payne
Informatics Coordinator
Research Theme
Schistosomiasis & STHs
Medicine quality

Andrew Payne is the IDDO Informatics Coordinator. He joined the WorldWide Antimalarial Research Network (WWARN) - now part of the IDDO platform - in 2011 as the Coordinator for the Informatics team. With a background in chemistry and an MSc in Computer Modelling from the University of London, Andrew has extensive experience in software engineering with applications in Life Sciences.  At the Wellcome Trust, he developed Computational Chemistry software before becoming the Head of UK Research Computing.  After developing one of the first applications of Java in Bioinformatics, he became the Managing Director of the European subsidiary of a US Bioinformatics company, before founding a Data Integration Company in the UK. Prior to joining WWARN, Andrew was the Head of Product Design for Thomson Reuters Life Sciences.