Below is a list of Medicine Quality publications published in scientific journals by IDDO and WWARN and our research partners. If you cannot find a publication, please view our list of publications for all research themes or email

Lancet Global Health

Published: 1 Sep 2014

Author(s): Newton PN, Tabernero P, Dwivedi P, Culzoni MJ, Monge ME, Swamidoss I, Mildenhall D, Green MD, Jähnke R, de Oliveira MDS, Simao J, White NJ, Fernández FM

PMID: 25304415

International Journal for Parasitology: Drugs and Drug Resistance

Published: 1 Dec 2012

Author(s): Sibley CH, Price RN

PMID: 24533274

Pathogens and Global Health

Published: 1 May 2012

Author(s): Tabernero, P and Newton, PN

PMID: 22943540

PLoS Medicine

Published: 1 Dec 2011

Author(s): Newton PN, Amin AA, Bird C, Passmore P, Dukes G, Tomson G, Simons B, Bate R, Guerin PJ, White NJ

PMID: 22162953

Oxford Academic Health Policy and Planning

Published: 27 Sep 2011

Author(s): Sabot O, Gordon M, Moonen B, Talisuna A, Amofah G

PMID: 21954212

Malaria Journal

Published: 22 Jul 2011

Author(s): Newton PN, Green MD, Mildenhall DC, Plançon A, Nettey H, Nyadong L, Hostetler DM, Swamidoss I, Harris GA, Powell K, Timmermans AE, Amin AA, Opuni SK, Barbereau S, Claude F, Soong RCW, Faure K, Thevanayagam J, Fernandes P, Kaur H , Thevanayagam J, Fernandes P, Kaur H, Angus B, Stepniewska K, Guerin PJ and Fernández FM