Help us define IDDO’s research priorities in Visceral Leishmaniasis

IDDO has published a Draft Research Agenda for open review on visceral leishmaniasis (VL) for feedback and comments from the wider VL research community. The deadline for comments is 5 July 2019.

Visceral leishmaniasis: spleen. Credit: SB Lucas. CC0
Visceral leishmaniasis: spleen. Credit: SB Lucas. CC0

Compiled by the VL Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) with global experts from the VL research community, the Agenda is a list of prioritised research questions, on treatment or other critical research areas, which could be tackled using individual patient data (IPD) meta-analysis or specific analyses based on pooled data (e.g. review of methodology). Once finalised, it will be the key driver for the direction of research work using IDDO’s VL data platform.

These new VL research outputs will be created by those who generate and use the data. The Research Agenda will be an active document, changing as priorities are addressed and new data collected, allowing for additional research questions for analysis to be considered over time. Its ongoing development will continue to be guided by the VL SAC and the wider VL research community.

IDDO collates IPD from VL clinical and epidemiological studies to deliver robust science and address knowledge gaps. Through data re-use, it can tackle priority questions in VL treatment, create a framework to assemble future studies, guide optimal data collection, and make faster progress in addressing the most pressing research questions concerning this neglected infectious disease.

Read the Draft Research Agenda.

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You can provide feedback on the Draft VL Research Agenda for open review by sending us a comment or contacting us at by 5 July 2019

Once the period of open review has closed, the updated Research Agenda will be published on the VL website.