Substandard and falsified (SF) medicines negate the multiple benefits of modern healthcare, so good quality medical products are essential. By sharing global expertise and collating information, IDDO’s Medicine Quality Research Group strengthens knowledge of the scale of the problem and raises vital awareness among key stakeholders.
About Medicine Quality

Poor quality medicines jeopardise national, regional and global attempts to improve access to effective health care because they lead to avoidable morbidity, waste financial resources and contribute to drug resistance.

Medicine Quality Research Group

Discover our Medicine Quality Monitoring tools for real-time reports on the quality of medical products worldwide, and access to web page links to alerts and reports emanating from national regulatory authorities, national or international organisations.

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Medicine Quality and Public Health Conference 2018

The first-ever dedicated academic conference on Medicine Quality & Public Health took place in Oxford, United Kingdom, from 23 – 28 September 2018. It brought together people from a diversity of sectors working in this field, such as public health, national regulatory authorities, pharmacy, biomedical, chemistry, law, ethics, cultural and social sciences, the pharmaceutical industry, international organisations, NGOs, national procurement centres, and internet and pharmaceutical forensics.

Read our report: 'An evaluation of portable screening devices to assess medicines quality for national Medicines Regulatory Authorities'