Malaria in Pregnancy Library

The WWARN Malaria in Pregnancy (MiP) Library is a regularly updated, comprehensive bibliographic database of published and unpublished literature relating to malaria in pregnancy, including a trial registry of planned and ongoing trials.

pregnant woman

The MiP Library is a product of the Malaria in Pregnancy Consortium and has recently moved to the WWARN website. WWARN and the MiP consortium have been working together since 2016 when they joined forces to develop a the Malaria in Pregnancy Scientific Group within the WWARN Data Platform.

About the Library

The MiP Library has been designed to be the most comprehensive database on malaria in pregnancy available. A diverse range of sources have been searched to bring together all literature concerning malaria in pregnancy, the database includes:

  • Published and unpublished literature, dating from 1850 to the present day, with no restriction on languages, although there is a bias towards the European languages (about 87% of entries are in English).
  • Published literature includes journal articles (about 70%), books, reports, PhD theses, governmental policy documents and a range of other unconventional published literature.
  • Unpublished literature covers ongoing clinical trials, ongoing clinical studies, ongoing PhDs, unpublished PhDs, aborted research and any other unconventional unpublished literature on the topic.

Topics covered include, but are not restricted to:

  • Disease burden
  • Pathogenesis and immunity
  • Pharmacovigilance, safety and pharmacokinetics
  • Case management
  • Prevention
  • Policy and implementation
  • Economics
  • Social science and Anthropology

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