COVID-19 Clinical Trials Interactive tool

Explore COVID-19 clinical trials around the world in an open-access, cloud-based knowledge graph. The visualisation is based on IDDO’s living systematic review

In partnership with Exaptive, IDDO has created an open access, cloud-based knowledge graph for its COVID-19 clinical trial database. This initiative leveraged Exaptive’s virtual collaboration platform, the “Cognitive City”, to allow stakeholders to query data generated by IDDO’s living systematic review.

Exaptive’s platform is built upon a graph-based architecture at its core. This allows the systematic review data in IDDO’s REDCap relational database to be translated into a knowledge graph. Complexities like multiple arms per study are difficult to model in a tabular format compared to a network, which provides additional advantages such as easily storing taxonomies and ontologies alongside the data itself.

How to use

Further details of how to interact with the network visualisations are available on the right hand pane of the tool.

Multiple interactive dashboards are built on top of the graph to provide a simple interface to query the clinical trial repository. More advanced interactive network visualisations allow for ad-hoc exploration of the underlying data.

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Associated data and publications

Read the living systematic review and the protocol for this work. The underlying data used for this tool and extended data including variables and data dictionaries are available here.


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