British Medical Journal

Published: 15 May 2020

Author(s): Annemarie B Docherty, Ewen M Harrison, Christopher A Green, Hayley E Hardwick, Riinu Pius, Lisa Norman, Karl A Holden, Jonathan M Read, Frank Dondelinger, Gail Carson, Laura Merson, James Lee, Daniel Plotkin, Louise Sigfrid, Sophie Halpin, Clare Jackson, , Carrol Gamble, Peter W Horby, Jonathan S Nguyen-Van-Tam, Antonia Ho, Clark D Russell, Jake Dunning, Peter JM Openshaw, J Kenneth Baillie, Malcolm G Semple, on behalf of the ISARIC4C investigators

The Lancet Global Health

Published: 9 Apr 2020

Author(s): Paul N Newton, Katherine C Bond, on behalf of 53 signatories from 20 countries

The Lancet

Published: 2 Apr 2020

Author(s): COVID-19 Clinical Research Coalition

Wellcome Open Research

Published: 2 Apr 2020

Author(s): Brittany J. Maguire, Philippe J. Guérin

F1000 Research

Published: 1 Apr 2020

Author(s): Philippe J Guerin, Sauman Singh-Phulgenda, Nathalie Strub-Wourgaft