Data Access Committee nominations now open

Nominations for new IDDO Data Access Committee (DAC) members are now open. Please nominate individuals with expertise in Chagas Disease, Antimicrobial Resistance or Schistosomiasis to

Credit Flickr, Cristhian Alama, Red Mundial

Nominations should include the nominee’s name, current position, contact information and a brief description of why the individual is suitable; details of the applicable skills and experience would be appreciated. CVs as supporting documents are desirable but not required. Please ensure the agreement of the nominee in advance and self-nominations are also welcome. 

The DAC membership will involve providing reviews of data access applications for the re-use of data in IDDO inventories. DAC reviews are based on scientific and ethical considerations, and ensure that data access applications comply with IDDO Data Access Guidelines and the Conflict of Interest Policy. 

Membership on the DAC is an unpaid position. DAC review decisions are made via email and an online platform, with potential video conference calls scheduled to discuss governance matters when needed.  

The expected time commitment is up to 1 hour per application with an estimated 5 reviews each month across all of IDDO's disease themes. The DAC Terms of Reference allow for the review workload to be shared between members, and there is no requirement for every application to be reviewed by every DAC member. 

The DAC is chaired by TDR, the WHO Special Program for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases Research, who serve as an independent observer to the committee. A balance of skills, and geographical and gender representation, is sought within the DAC membership. Find out more about the current IDDO DAC and its membership on our website  and email with any questions and nominations.