Research Agenda – open for comments

We are building a global resource of data collected for the treatment of schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminthiases (STHs). The draft Research Agenda explores key scientific questions that could be answered by this data platform to enhance care for patients and affected communities. The schistosomiasis and STHs Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and IDDO now invite open review of these priority research questions assembled by the research community.

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IDDO is working with the global schistosomiasis and STHs research community and stakeholders to assemble a data platform, which aims to collate individual patient data (IPD) before and after treatment with antiparasitic drugs from clinical studies to deliver robust science and address knowledge gaps.

This draft Research Agenda was originally created by the IDDO team and the SAC, before being reviewed by a larger audience of identified experts, from across the schistosomiasis and STHs communities. We now want to hear your views on these priority research questions. 

Please comment on and contribute to the development of a Research Agenda which maximises the impact of available schistosomiasis and STHs clinical IPD: download the draft for open review here. 

You can provide feedback on the Draft Research Agenda by contacting IDDO via email at