Esaie Kindcombe
DAC Vice Chair
Chef du Pilier Communication, Mobilisation Sociale et Engagement Communautaire, Centre de Recherches Cliniques/Institut National de Recherche Biomédicale

Esaie Kindombe Luzolo is a Social Scientist, Head of the Communication, Social Mobilization and Community Engagement Pillar at Clinical Research Center in the National Institute of Biomedical Research of DR Congo.

He obtained his master's degree in Letters and Human Sciences at the University of Kinshasa. Esaie has participated in the response against the konzo epidemics in the DRC since 2017; and the response to the Chikungunya epidemic in collaboration with the team of research team on the epidemic of IMT / Antwerp. Esaie coordinated the Risk Communication, Social Mobilization and Community Engagement team during the 10th Ebola epidemic in eastern DR Congo as part of the multi-center, multi-epidemic, randomized and controlled study on the safety and efficacy of experimental treatments for patients with Ebola virus disease in the DRC (Clinical trials that developed the treatment against EVD of the PALM Project: PAMOJA TULINDE MAISHA (Together save lives)).

Esaie worked as Communications Officer for the 11th epidemic of EVD in Ecuador in the DRC as part of the PALM Project. He worked as a member of the Social Analysis Unit of the Communication Commission of the Technical Secretariat for the Fight against Covid-19 in the DRC.

He is a member of the International Network of Health Historians, the West African Anthropology of Emerging Epidemics Network and Focal Point of SoNAR-Global in DRC: World Network of Social Sciences on infectious threats and antimicrobial resistance. He is also a member of the Ebola Data Platform Data Access Committee (TDR, Special Program for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases); and the National Communication One Health Task Force.

Esaie is a researcher in the interdisciplinary project for the fight against konzo disease and a Communication Officer in the PALM STUDY: Base Operations Project. Currently he coordinates the communication, social mobilization and community engagement activities of the randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial aimed at evaluating the safety and effectiveness of tecovirimat in the treatment of adult and pediatric patients with monkeypox in the DRC.