Febrile illness is one of the most common reasons for healthcare visits globally. Once malaria is excluded, identifying the primary causative pathogens is restricted due to the limitations of diagnostic facilities and the scarcity of comprehensive surveillance data. In a major international study, researchers have carried out extensive systematic reviews to map the most common causes of non-malarial febrile illness across different endemic regions.
About non-malarial febrile illness research

A global collaboration of researchers has mapped the main causes of fever in all malaria-endemic regions for the first time. The international team conducted multiple systematic reviews of the published literature to provide more comprehensive data than anything else available to date. 

Non-malarial febrile illness (NMFI) Map

Comprehensive systematic reviews have been incorporated into an open access, online database with an interactive map that can filter data by country, microorganism type, patient age, sample type, pathogen family, genus and species, study year, geographic region and sub-region.