Accessing data

IDDO promotes data sharing and data re-use to generate new evidence that improves health and understanding of the diseases we focus on. Access to data held in IDDO’s data repositories can be requested by following a simple process. To view the data held by each disease theme, click on the relevant boxes below.

Accessing data
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When researchers, organisations and clinicians contribute data to IDDO, they are asked to stipulate the level of access others will have to their data, including allowing requests for data access (re-use) to be decided by an independent Data Access Committees (DAC).

IDDO currently has three DACs, covering malaria and neglected tropical diseasesEbola and COVID-19The DACs are responsible for agreeing the platform’s Data Access Guidelines, the principles under which access decisions are made, and reviewing Data Access Applications.

More information about the terms under which data can be accessed, eligibility of data requestors, and the application process can be found on each theme’s accessing data page below.

View a visual summary of the IDDO Data Access Journey.