Medicine Quality Monitoring Globe

Substandard and falsified medical products, including medicines, vaccines, diagnostic tests and devices are critical global public health issues. Discover a new interactive, online tool mapping real-time medicine quality media reports on the quality of medical products across the world.

Substandard and falsified medical products reduce the effectiveness of treatments, causing adverse drug reactions and can accelerate antimicrobial drug resistance – threatening the lives of millions. Global investment to improve the prevention and treatment of disease is wasted if the quality of the medical products actually used by patients is poor.

Current surveillance in most of the world is extremely limited and incidents relating to poor quality medicines are often not published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The new Medicine Quality Monitoring (MQM) Globe helps fill evidence gaps with customised summaries of national and international newspaper reports on medicines and medical products’ quality viewable on-screen in French, Spanish, Mandarin and English, and reports are available to download in three languages – English, French and Spanish. It gives early warning of new incidents, reveals the extent of the problem, how the media perceive and report cases, and may also shed light on how incidents can affect subsequent behaviours and perceptions. It has been updated to track press reports of SF medical products related to COVID-19, including key items such as masks, diagnostic tests, medicines and vaccines. Medicines being trialled are listed here.


The MQM Globe

  • Includes data describing a wide range of events related to the quality of medical products retrieved from the lay literature including online newspapers and websites  with viewable on-screen results in French, English, Spanish and Mandarin.
  • Describes seizures, recalls, case-reports of individuals suffering potential side effects, prosecutions/trials of individuals involved in medicine quality incidents, techniques used to detect/prevent poor quality medicines over time and location.
  • Provides an online service with continually updated customised media reports relevant to global medicine quality.
  • Filters studies according to the article language and by specific keywords and time periods.
  • Provides customised searches and reports over time and location.
  • The Medicine Quality Research Group is now publishing regular reports about SF-related COVID-19 medical products and COVID-19 vaccines

  • Supports national and international organisations to understand and raise awareness of the issue of substandard and falsified medicines.

There are important caveats when interpreting these data. Please note in particular our takedown policy and that the information in the MQM Globe usually will not have scientific confirmation. Therefore, please interpret the information in the Globe with the greatest caution.

Additional information 

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