Ebola Data Access Committee call for nominations

IDDO’s Ebola Data Platform, a pioneering collaboration in Ebola and emerging infections, has opened nominations for members of its Data Access Committee (DAC). Individuals with skills and expertise in clinical research, data protection and management, ethics in research and emergency public health response, benefit sharing and community engagement are invited to apply. 

Scientist in protective clothing
Ebola personal protective equipment. Credit: DFID

The Platform has been established to develop and promote research on Ebola. The platform aims to aggregate and standardise clinical, epidemiological and laboratory data and make it available to researchers.  

The DAC will be a key pillar of the platform’s governance framework. It is an independent committee that will support the development, implementation and evolution of the Data Access Guidelines in line with the platform mission set out in the Charter. 

Nominations should be sent to EbolaDAC@iddo.org by 23 November 2018 and include the nominee’s name, current position, contact information and a brief description of suitability. 


About The DAC

The Ebola Data Platform will consider applications to access data on the platform and decide if they are in line with the Research Agenda, Data Access Guidelines, the Ethics Framework and the Conflict of Interest Policy and respond accordingly to applicants. 

The DAC will additionally agree the data to be released and provide regular input to the Steering Committee on the definition of research priorities, emerging issues in data access and any implications for platform strategy and policy. The DAC is chaired by the Special Program for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases Research (TDR). 

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