Below is a list of AMR publications published in scientific journals by IDDO and WWARN and our research partners. If you cannot find a publication, please view our list of publications for all research themes or email


Published: 10 Oct 2016

Author(s): Pisani, E. et al.

New England Journal of Medicine

Published: 11 Mayo 2016

Author(s): Merson L, et al.


Published: 9 Ene 2016

Author(s): Holmes AH, Moore LS, Sundsfjord A, Steinbakk M, Regmi S, Karkey A, Guerin PJ, Piddock LJ

PMID: 26603922

The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Published: 3 Jun 2015

Author(s): Yeung S, Lawford HLS, Tabernero P, Nguon C, van Wyk A, Malik N, DeSousa M, Rada O, Boravann M, Dwivedi P, Hostetler DM, Swamidoss I, Green MD, Fernandez FM, Kaur H

PMID: 25897063

Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, dky026

Author(s): Elizabeth A Ashley, Judith Recht, Arlene Chua, David Dance, Mehul Dhorda, Nigel V Thomas, Nisha Ranganathan, Paul Turner, Philippe J Guerin, Nicholas J White, Nicholas P Day

PMID: 29514279