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PLOS Medicine, 15:6

Published: 13 Aug 2018

Author(s): Kloprogge F, Workman L, Borrmann S, Te´ke´te´ M, Lefèvre G, Hamed K, et al

PMID: e1002579

Lancet Global Health, 6:9

Published: 11 Aug 2018

Author(s): Merson L, Guérin PJ, Barnes K, Ntoumi F, Gaye O

PMID: 30103997

Wellcome Trust

Published: 27 Mar 2018

Author(s): Pisani, Elizabeth; Merson, Laura; Ghataure, Amrita; Castillo, Genera; Castillo, Anne-Marie; Moride, Yola

Clinical Infectious Diseases, ciy207

Published: 7 Mar 2018

Author(s): Catherine E Oldenburg, Philippe J Guerin, Fatou Berthé, Rebecca F Grais, Sheila Isanaka

Malaria Journal

Published: 8 Feb 2018

Author(s): Christian Nsanzabana, Djibrine Djalle, Philippe J. Guérin, Didier Ménard and Iveth J. González

PMID: 29422048

Malaria Journal, 16:491

Published: 18 Dec 2017

Author(s): Makoto Saito, Mary Ellen Gilder, François Nosten, Philippe J. Guérin and Rose McGready

PMID: 29254487

Malaria Journal, 16:488

Published: 13 Dec 2017

Author(s): Makoto Saito, Mary Ellen Gilder, François Nosten, Rose McGready and Philippe J. Guérin

PMID: 29237461

PLoS Negl Trop Dis, 11:10

Published: 31 Oct 2017

Author(s): Julia B. Halder, Joanne Benton, Amélie M. Julé, Phillipe J. Guérin, Piero L. Olliaro, María-Gloria Basáñez

PMID: 29088274