Research Agenda

We are building a global resource of data collected for the treatment of visceral leishmaniasis (VL). The VL Research Agenda explores key scientific questions that could be answered by this collaboration to enhance care for VL patients and affected communities. The document has been created by the global VL research community and developed using IDDO’s phased process.


Insecticide spraying
Credit: M Rowland. CC BY

The VL Research Agenda sets the priorities for research to be undertaken on the VL data platform, as presented by research community needs in endemic regions. These questions are specifically those that can be addressed by using individual patient data from scattered clinical trials around the world that have been pooled and standardised on the VL data platform.

The VL Research Agenda is a live document and feedback is always welcome. If you wish to comment on the document, please contact us at

The VL Research Agenda is reviewed by the VL Scientific Advisory Committee annually.