Accessing data

An independent Data Access Committee (DAC) will be appointed to make objective decisions regarding access to VL data held by IDDO. Members of the Committee will be nominated by the VL research community, and will be responsible for establishing the terms and conditions for data access in consultation with data contributors.

Credit: Epidemic Diseases Research Group Oxford/Dr Rebecca Inglis
Credit: Epidemic Diseases Research Group Oxford/Dr Rebecca Inglis

The DAC will review researchers’ applications to access data and evaluate whether requests are consistent with established terms and conditions, and do not pose undue risk to the individuals, communities or organisations to which they relate. Decisions will include a review of relevant scientific and ethical considerations related to applications for access. If an application is successful, a Data Transfer Agreement (DTA) must be signed by the appropriate signatory from the data requestor’s institution before data are transferred to the requestor.

At present, all requests for access to data will be forwarded to the relevant data contributor for consideration. Requests will include the intended purpose, analysis plan and publication plan, and data will only be made accessible with the agreement of the data contributor. 

Once the DAC is established, data contributors may choose to delegate decisions to the Data Access Committee. Data contributors who decide not to use the DAC model will retain full control of all decisions for 5 years from the submission of their data. More information can be found in the IDDO - Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL) Data Platform Terms of Submission.