Accessing data

Working with the visceral leishmaniasis (VL) research community, IDDO promotes data sharing and data re-use to generate new evidence that improves health and understanding of VL. Researchers can request access to VL data held in IDDO’s data repository.

Credit: Epidemic Diseases Research Group Oxford/Dr Rebecca Inglis
Credit: Epidemic Diseases Research Group Oxford/Dr Rebecca Inglis

How to request data


Once a Data Access request has been submitted  

The independent IDDO Data Access Committee (DAC) manages and oversees all data access applications for re-use of VL data, in accordance with the Data Access Guidelines and the Data Transfer Agreement. The DAC aims to review applications and respond to requests within two months of submission. The Data Access Guidelines detail our principles of data access, criteria for DAC review, who can request data and how the DAC operates.

The technical, governance and ethical framework for our data access strategy has been developed to promote access to data for research, while protecting the rights and privacy of the people and communities from which the data originate, and respecting the investment of the researchers who conducted the studies and collected the data.

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