Photo of Abi Beane
Project Coordinator, Wellcome- MORU Flagship Critical Care Asia

Abi Beane is a researcher with Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit. A critical care nurse by background she has worked clinically with international organisations providing emergency surgical and medical care during conflict in West Africa and Asia. Her PhD was in establishing learning health systems in low and lower middle income countries. During this work she helped establish acute and critical care registries in Ethiopia, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

She is now co-project lead of Wellcome-MORU’s Collaboration for Research Implementation and Training in Asia (CCA) which in partnership with collaborators in Asia supports implementation and curation of cloud-based registries to strengthen research capacity and improve quality of care across a network of nine countries. Under this umbrella, she works with research consortiums including ISARIC to operationalise pandemic surveillance and observational research in LMICs using existing registry networks. Her work focuses on how clinical registries can be leveraged to provide real-time feedback for data driven improvement, and how registries can enable patients in resource constrained settings to participate in international clinical trials.