Photo of Dr Heidi Dalton
Clinical Professor of Surgery

Dr Heidi Dalton is a pediatric intensivist with over 30 years of experience in critical care with a focus on extracorporeal support. She has authored over 100 publications, and currently focuses on improving ECMO care and delivery by enhancing educational efforts around the world.

As a PI for the Collaborative Pediatric Critical Care Research Network of the NIH, her work focused on factors associated with bleeding and thrombosis in ECMO. She is a sought-after speaker and advisor for programmes around the world and has helped initiate many programs, especially in the adult realm given the recent rise in ECMO in adult critical care.

She currently serves as the Program Development and Research director for the Adult and Pediatric ECMO program at INOVA Fairfax Medical Center in Virginia (USA). She provides consultant medical directorship for the Innovative ECMO Concepts group (which provides transport, education and staffing for ECMO patients) and also has her own consulting company.

Her research interests focus on elimination of bleeding and thrombosis and refining anticoagulation therapies for ECMO patients and beyond. Dr. Dalton is a steering committee member of the COVID Critical Care Consortium/ECMOCard group and heads the anticoagulation/hemostasis subgroup as well. Dr Dalton is a Clinical Professor of Surgery at George Washington University and Professor of Pediatrics at Virginia Commonwealth University.