IDDO is currently scoping several new poverty-related infectious disease themes. As part of this process, IDDO conducts a scoping and feasibility assessment to gain an understanding of the clinical data landscape for that disease and whether a data platform would be of value to help advance research and answer critical questions.
About IDDO

Our unique data-sharing platform provides a portal for collaboration across the infectious diseases clinical management and research communities. Proposals to launch new research themes originate from those in, or working with, disease endemic research communities. This community-driven process with early engagement of advocates in the regions most affected, often in resource-limited settings, is one of the key steps in delivering successful outcomes.


Melioidosis is a potentially fatal infectious disease caused by the environmental bacterium, Burkholderia pseudomallei. Melioidosis is endemic in many tropical countries. Melioidosis has few specific clinical manifestations, and B. pseudomallei is intrinsically resistant to many commonly used antimicrobials. The mortality of patients treated inappropriately could be up to 90%.