Contributing data

We welcome your interest in sharing your data through IDDO. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact the team on

Credit: Michael Coghlan, Flickr
Credit: Michael Coghlan, Flickr

By sharing your data through IDDO, you will help to:

  • Promote and facilitate timely dissemination of research results;
  • Identify gaps in knowledge that will inform the definition of research priorities going forward;
  • Ensure that the results of research and innovation reach the communities and countries affected;
  • Promote and facilitate the comparison and pooling of data to improve the power of research results;
  • Develop accepted data standards and end-point measurements for clinical trials;
  • Improve data collection practice.


Sharing data will enable you to:

Expand your network
Sharing data creates new opportunities for connecting with other researchers. Collaboration fosters creativity and innovation, and expands your sphere of influence.

Boost your research profile
Sharing data opens your work up to a wider audience. Increased citation of your work will raise your profile amongst the research community, potential funders and employers.

Improve your grant funding opportunities
Sharing data builds your research network and citation rate, which can improve grant funding opportunities. Many grant funding bodies now encourage, or require, sharing of research data.

Verify your findings
Making your data available to allow independent verification of results ensures the scientific integrity of your research, thus helping to maintain your reputation.

Save time and resources
Submit your data and we will be able to run automated transformation, analysis and reporting processes. You will receive a complete report, data audit, and publication-ready results tables and graphs. (We can accept most data formats.)

Ensure long-term, secure data storage
Our data centre is a safe location to store your data, accessible to you or your research partners, anywhere. We aim to become a registered data repository. WWARN is a recognised re3data repository.

Increase the visibility of your research
Even if unpublished, your work will gain visibility, recognition and form part of a large collaboration that is contributing to a growing pool of knowledge.

Build public health research trust
Policy makers gain reassurance and trust in clinical trial outcomes validated by groups of international scientists.

The IDDO Data Management Plan (DMP) presents a clear and transparent methodology by which IDDO data platforms will transform and process uploaded clinical data into a standardised format in a manner that ensures reproducibility.

To find out more about sharing your research data contact us on