IDDO Data Access Committee

The IDDO Data Access Committee (DAC) guides policy and decision-making on access to data hosted by the IDDO data platform, covering all of IDDO’s research themes. Decisions are made on behalf of data contributors who have instructed that this responsibility be delegated to the DAC, and access is managed according to Data Access Guidelines that include the data access criteria and principles governing DAC review.

The IDDO DAC is an independent committee, composed of expert-led subcommittees, and chaired by TDR, the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Disease, on behalf of the World Health Organization (WHO).  Membership of the DAC is from across relevant fields of global health taking into account a representative balance of skills, disease-specific expertise, geography and gender. Members are appointed through an open nominations process.

The IDDO DAC currently consists of two subcommittees responsible for Emerging Infections and Malaria-Neglected Tropical Diseases. The membership of each is specifically tailored to address applications to access data on the research themes and data types relevant to these disease areas.

The DAC operate according to a Terms of Reference and abide by the Data Access Guidelines and a Conflict of Interest Policy.

Data access requests can be made via the research theme pages.