The IDDO Chagas disease data platform collates and standardises data from over 5,000 individual patients from four countries, and makes this available to the global Chagas research community.

Chagas disease (also known as American Trypanosomiasis) affects 6-7 million people worldwide. It is officially categorised by the World Health Organisation as a neglected disease, and it has a high burden of death and sickness, especially in the Latin American countries it is endemic in.
Contributing data

By contributing and accessing data, you can help address knowledge gaps and improve outcomes. IDDO standardises and harmonises the individual patient data it receives, enabling more in-depth analyses for novel research questions from existing data. You retain ownership of the data you submit, and contributors may be invited to form or join collaborative study groups to take advantage of common data formats to perform pooled analyses. 

Accessing data

IDDO currently holds over 5,000 individual patient data sets for Chagas disease, all of which are available to researchers in the Chagas Disease community. Access to the data curated by IDDO is overseen by an independent data access committee, or by a data contributor-controlled process.