9th EDCTP Forum starts this week

We are delighted to attend the 9th EDCTP Forum in Lisbon, Portugal this week.

Sama Cherif presenting at ‘Data-sharing for global research good’ symposium
Sama Cherif presenting at ‘Data-sharing for global research good’ symposium

Our first Scientific Symposium, in partnership is on Tuesday 18th September at 10.30am on the theme ‘Data-sharing for global research good’.

Michael Ochieng Otieno, EDCTP-TDR Fellow, will present his experience of developing a data-sharing platform for visceral leishmaniasis (VL) from DNDi.

Paul Sondo will discuss how the WorldWide Antimalarial Resistance Network (WWARN) has generated reliable research evidence by analysing antimalarial drug resistance research data on the malaria platform.

Sama Cherif will discuss establishing equitable governance for the launch of the Ebola data platform.  

Elizabeth Allen, Senior Scientist at WWARN's Southern Africa hub, will present on WWARN's Clinical Trials Toolkit.

This symposium will be held in Auditorium 2.

On Thursday 20th September at 14:30, Philippe Guérin will join Laura Merson, Oumar Gaye and colleagues from The Global Health Network (TGHN) to present a ‘Data-sharing workshop’ that will include a presentation of IDDO’s experience of gathering and analysing data for emerging infections and infectious diseases including malaria, Ebola, VL and schistosomiasis.

Philippe Guérin and Laura Merson will focus on the research, management and ethical implications of sharing data globally.

Oumar Gaye will present his experience of leading research collaborations in our West Africa Regional Centre, primarily focussed on malaria drug resistance data-sharing under the auspices of WWARN.

This workshop will be held in Auditorium 3.

Sama Cherif will present a poster on 'Establishing an equitable governance framework for an Ebola data-sharing platform' poster 8522.

We’ll be sharing news from the conference via Twitter – follow @IDDOnews to read the conference highlights.

Visit the EDCTP Forum website.

If you’re not going to EDCTP, we hope to see you at ASTMH 2018 in New Orleans, USA. Let us know if you’re attending as we’d like to connect. Email info@iddo.org