Dr Charles King
Research Theme
Schistosomiasis & STHs

Dr Charles King is Professor Emeritus of International Health at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. From 1984-2018, he served as full-time faculty at CWRU School of Medicine as a specialist in the areas of Infectious Diseases and Travel Medicine. He currently serves as Senior Scientist at the Schistosomiasis Consortium for Operational Research and Evaluation (SCORE), based at the University of Georgia, and as Technical Advisor for the World Health Organization.

Since 1984, he has been active in research on infectious disease control and immunology in both the USA and Africa, and has recently focused on modelling and implementation of advanced programmes for infection control and pathogen elimination. His current research focuses on identification of human and environmental ecological drivers of vector-borne disease transmission, and the design of more cost-effective, integrated programmes for infection control, including vaccine development and implementation.