Dr Srividya Adinarayanan

A Statistician, with more than 3 decades of experience in working on epidemiology of lymphatic filariasis (LF).

Dr Srividya Adinarayanan has been involved in the development of transmission models and sampling strategies for humans and vectors to make decisions on stopping mass drug administration (MDA), conducting community trials and developing monitoring & evaluation strategies for assessing transmission interruption for the global strategy to eliminate LF.

She trained as a fellow in spatial analysis from the Oxford university, Cochrane Systematic reviews from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and on Disease burden estimation by the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation.

Dr Adinarayanan has experience in working on the epidemiology and modelling of Tuberculosis.

Her research interests are statistical and mathematical modelling of VBDs, geo-spatial modelling, disease burden estimation, systematic reviews and meta-analysis.