Become a collaborator

IDDO is inviting researchers to collaborate on the world’s first meta-analysis of individual-level trachoma patient data. 

Credit: Cristhian Alama, Red Mundial, Flickr

To investigate factors associated with the effectiveness of antibiotic mass drug administration (MDA) in regions affected by trachoma, IDDO is seeking to engage research collaborators who are able to bring IPD from randomised control trials and observational studies for collation and standardisation as part of an aggregate meta-analysis.

To facilitate this research, the IDDO platform is being utilised as a trusted repository of clinical data. Potential collaborators may contribute trachoma data to collaborate on this study group. For more information view our Contributing Data page.

In future, the trachoma programme aims to build sustainable research partnerships so the most affected countries can collaborate to use the power of pooled and standardised data to address their local and regional priorities. Current collaborators who wish to continue utilising their data for future study groups can discuss these opportunities with the IDDO trachoma team.

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