COVID-19 Data Platform Data Access Committee - call for nominations

Nominations for members of the COVID-19 Data Platform Data Access Committee are now open. Please consider nominating individuals to contribute expertise to this pioneering collaboration in COVID-19 and emerging infections research to by 31 July 2020.

Photo shows COVID-19 testing in Madagascar
Photo: World Bank / Henitsoa Rafalia

The COVID-19 Data Platform has been established to develop and promote global research collaborations to generate evidence on COVID-19. The platform aims to aggregate and standardise clinical data on COVID-19 infection, and make it available to researchers. The platform enables equitable access to data across the research community with strategic leadership from ISARIC, the International Severe Acute Respiratory and emerging Infections Consortium and the Infectious Diseases Data Observatory (IDDO). The platform is hosted by IDDO, based at the University of Oxford.

As a key pillar of the platform’s governance framework, a Data Access Committee (DAC) will be constituted to guide policy and decision-making on access to data hosted by the COVID-19 Data Platform. The DAC is an independent committee that will support the development, implementation and evolution of the COVID-19 Data Platform Data Access Guidelines in line with the platform’s values and purpose, which emerge from the complementary missions of ISARIC and IDDO.

Role of the DAC

The DAC will consider applications to access data hosted on the COVID-19 Data Platform, decide if they are in line with the Data Access Guidelines and the Conflict of Interest Policy, and respond accordingly to applicants. The DAC will additionally identify and respond to emerging issues in data access.

Membership on the DAC is an unpaid position and is expected to require an initial video conference, with subsequent review decisions made via email. The DAC will be responsible for overseeing applications to access data from both the ISARIC COVID-19 Data Platform and the IDDO COVID-19 Clinical Trials Data Platform. Frequent applications are expected and will require regular review and feedback.

DAC Membership

The DAC is chaired by TDR, the Special Program for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases Research who serve as an independent observer to the committee. Up to fifteen additional members will form the full DAC membership.


We seek nominations for representatives across nations affected by COVID-19, with skills and expertise in clinical research, clinical medicine, data protection and management, ethics in research and emergency public health response, benefits sharing and community engagement. 

Nominations should include:

  • nominee’s name
  • current position
  • contact information
  • a brief description of why the individual is suitable
  • CV as supporting document (not essential) 

We would appreciate details of the applicable skills and experience listed above to support our selection process. CVs are appreciated as supporting documents, but not required. Please ensure the agreement of the nominee in advance. Self-nominations are welcome

Nominations should be sent to on or before Friday, 31 July 2020.