Contributing data

All members of the research, health and humanitarian communities are invited to contribute data. By standardising and aggregating all available Ebola data we can address knowledge gaps in order to improve patient outcomes and outbreak response. 

Ebola data capture
Credit: Epidemic Diseases Research Group Oxford / Dr Rebecca Inglis

We accept individual patient-level datasets collected as a part of clinical care and follow-up, laboratory services, public health response, epidemiological investigation, clinical trials and observational research. If you are not sure whether your data are suitable for the research theme, please contact us at to discuss.

If you have other types of data, please contact us at to discuss how these can be incorporated.

In order to share data please:

  1. Register or login to the IDDO website
  2. Click here to 'Contribute new data'
  3. Name your dataset and accept the Terms of Submission. Complete the requested information about your dataset
  4. Upload data files and descriptive documentation such as the data collection form, form completion guidelines, or data dictionary.


Our data managers will curate the data to the standardised structure. They may contact you with questions about the data and will provide you with a copy of the curated dataset when complete.

As a separate initiative, in order to make the results of clinical trial data available more immediately, we are hosting a repository for clinical trial datasets which have approval for data sharing in place. These datasets can be accessed through a process of application to the Ebola Clinical Trial Data Access Committee.  If you have a clinical trial dataset which you would like to include in this repository, please contact us at