The IDDO Board, a Scientific Advisory Committee, an independent Data Access Committee (DAC) and the IDDO Secretariat are responsible for the overall functioning and governance of the WWARN malaria research platform.

IDDO Board 
The IDDO Board supports decision-making, approves new initiatives, significant collaborations and has overall responsibility for the strategic direction and activities of IDDO and its Committees.

WWARN Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)
The SAC is comprised of leading members of the malaria research community and policy advisors in the affected health communities. It is responsible for advising on the governance, design and implementation of the WWARN research theme, and for seeking appropriate input to research activities. The Chair of the WWARN SAC is also a member of the IDDO Board to ensure representation of the WWARN research theme and effective communication. 

The SAC enriches and informs the work of IDDO by providing independent scientific expertise, guidance and it reviews the research activities and makes recommendations on scientific priorities, activity gaps, and opportunities. It raises awareness of relevant advances in scientific research and global health, and provides feedback and perspectives from wider stakeholders in the scientific community in areas of relevance to the platform.


WWARN Data Access Committee (DAC) 
An independent  Data Access Committee chaired by TDR, the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, makes objective decisions regarding data access and re-use in accordance with criteria for data access featured in the IDDO Data Access Guidelines. The DAC is responsible for establishing the IDDO terms and conditions for data access in, and contains a broad range of expertise, such as ethicists, researchers in diseases across the whole IDDO portfolio, and data sharing experts.


IDDO Secretariat
The IDDO Secretariat manages the operational, technical, legal and administrative activities related to hosting the WWARN research platform.