Contributing data

Researchers, health care providers and public health agencies are invited to contribute data to the COVID-19 data platform. By aggregating and standardising global data we can maximise the use of available data, increase the statistical power of analyses and optimise the efficiency of research-driven responses to end the pandemic.

The COVID-19 data platform accepts individual-patient data from observational studies, health records and clinical trials. All data can be accessed for new research analysis via application to the Data Access Committee.

In collaboration with ISARIC, data from observational research or health records are additionally used in collaboration with the data contributor to identify emerging trends in COVID-19 clinical features, outcomes and optimal care strategies.

How to contribute data

  1. Register and/or login to the IDDO website
  2. Click here to contribute new data
  3. Follow the simple steps in our online submission system:
    1. Name your dataset
    2. Read and accept the Terms of Submission
    3. Upload your study files in any format
    4. Upload supporting information such as protocols, publications and data dictionaries
    5. Add additional information such as the details of any additional users that you would like to have access to the account, the PubMed ID if your dataset has been published, and any notes for our data management team.


Questions and technical issues

If you have any questions about contributing data, or have any technical issues with the submission process, please email

Please include a screenshot of the issue and your user name.