Medicine Quality Monitoring Globe acknowledgements

IDDO would like to thank all those who developed this tool: Clark Friefeld (HealthMap) developed the tool to search and extract data from Google News: Gareth Blower, Steven Garcia, Alberto Olliaro, Andrew Payne, Nigel Thomas (Informatics engineers in IDDO); Guillermo Alonso Zabala, Phonepasith Boupha, Kem Boutsamay, Céline Caillet, Thi Ngan Do, Paul Newton, Vayouly Vidhamaly, Jingying Xu, Ana Rosado Olmo, Thi Ngan Do, Kerlijn Van Assche and Inthaphavanh Kitignavong (data curators).

We are also grateful to everyone who has given advice and contributed to beta-testing during the development of the MQM Globe.

The Wellcome Trust provided financial support for the development of the MQM Globe through the Biomedical Resource Grant 202935/Z/16/Z ‘Mapping the quality of medical products-evidence to inform strategy and policy change.’

We welcome additional information, corrections or comments from authors. Contact us at