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General search query:

The following search terms are used to perform searches in Google News. Any webpage that holds both a product term and a quality related term will be loaded onto our database.

Product terms:

(Antiprotozoal OR antiparasitic OR antihelminthic OR anti-worm OR antiseptic OR antidiabetic OR contraceptive OR morning after pill OR pregnancy test OR condom OR erectile dysfunction OR uterotonic OR myometrial OR anti-androgen OR anti-oestrogen OR hormone OR antiretroviral OR anti-tuberculosis OR vaccine OR laxative OR antacid OR antispasmodic OR cardiovascular OR cardiac OR diuretic OR anti-arrhythmic OR antihypertensive OR antianginal OR vasoconstrictor OR anticoagulant OR antiplatelet OR antifibrinolytic OR bronchodilator OR corticoid OR corticosteroid OR antihistamine OR mucolytic OR cough suppressant OR decongestant OR sedative OR anxiolytic OR benzodiazepine OR antipsychotic OR antidepressant OR anti-obesity OR analgesic OR antimigraine OR antiepileptic OR anticonvulsant OR antiparkinsonian OR antimuscarinic OR antithyroid OR chemotherapy OR cytotoxic OR immunosuppressants OR antibodies OR vitamin OR anti-inflammatory OR anesthetic OR anaesthetic OR medicine OR drug OR medication OR pharmaceutical OR injection OR parenteral OR tablet OR capsule OR pill OR cream OR gel OR antibacterial OR antibiotic OR antimicrobial OR antiviral OR antifungal OR abortive OR myometrial relaxant OR hypnotic OR immunoglobulin OR veterinary medicine OR medical device OR laboratory reagent OR chemicals OR Antimalarial OR Lipid lowering OR Cholesterol lowering OR Painkiller OR Pain-reliever OR Blood thinner OR Glucose lowering OR Sleeping pill OR Sleeping tablet OR Jab OR Anticancer OR Antimigraine OR Tranquilizer OR Clotting agent OR Blood sugar lowering OR Electrolytes OR Blood pressure lowering OR Disinfectant OR Drip OR Fat level decreasing OR Cough reliever OR Gamma globulin OR anti-seizures OR Parkinson medicine OR Worming medicine OR Hormone replacement therapy OR Contrast dye OR Insecticide OR Pesticide OR Repellents OR Fly spray OR Alzheimer medicine OR Weight loss medicine OR Ophthalmic medicine OR Nutritional supplement OR Food supplement OR Anti-allergy OR Antipyretic OR Eye drops OR Ear drops OR Diagnostic OR COVID OR CV-19 OR CV19 OR coronavirus OR SARS OR mask OR hand sanitizer OR hand sanitizing OR hand sanitiser OR gloves OR ventilator OR testing kit OR test kit OR PCR test OR facemask OR facemasks OR syringe OR needle OR vial OR oxygenator OR oxygen OR pulse oximeter OR CPAP OR continuous Positive Airway Pressure OR PEEP OR positive end-expiratory pressure OR bag-valve-mask OR ambu bag OR bag valve OR self-inflating bag OR nebulizer OR nebuliser OR nasal cannula OR nasal catheter OR oropharyngeal catheter OR manual resuscitator OR HEPA filter OR intubation kit OR endotracheal tube OR tracheostomy tube)


Quality related terms:

(Counterfeit OR fake OR Spurious OR Substandard OR Falsified OR Degraded OR Contaminated OR Adulterated OR Drug quality OR Medicine quality OR Pharmaceutical quality OR Falsely labelled OR Rogue OR Bogus OR Quack OR Diluted OR Poor quality OR Low quality OR tamper OR fraud OR fraudulent)


Specific search query for stolen COVID-19 vaccines:  

Since February 2021, we added an additional search query to perform searches in Google News which is linked to theft of COVID-19 vaccines.

(vaccine OR vaccines)
(Covid-19 OR Covid19 OR CV19 CV-19 OR covid OR SARS-CoV-2 OR SARS OR Cov-2 OR coronavirus)

(theft OR thefts OR diversion OR diversions OR stolen OR robbery OR thievery OR diverted)