Vivax Surveyor

Discover an interactive online tool that displays Plasmodium vivax antimalarial clinical trials and the prevalence of chloroquine resistance in P. vivax parasites across the world, and through time.

The Vivax Surveyor is an interactive map that summarises the prevalence of Plasmodium vivax antimalarial clinical trials across the world. This tool provides a clear and standardised visualisation of vivax clinical trials to date to inform key international, regional and national monitoring strategies.

The data included in the vivax surveyor are derived from a recent review of P. vivax antimalarial clinical trials. 

The Vivax Surveyor

  • Vivax surveyor contains data from 260 clinical trials, 26 case reports, across 39 countries published since 1960
  • Allows you to perform custom searchers of a large number of studies and view summary results
  • Enables you to filter results by country, time range and antimalarial drug(s)
  • Allows the user to explore the temporal trends and compare two different sites of interest in more detail are available below the map.

Discover the methodology behind developing the Vivax Surveyor. To find out more information about the tool or how to contribute data please email

For more information about P. vivax, see the information hub.



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