WWARN Analytical Tools

WWARN presents our analytical tools that can be used in different disciplinary settings such as for parasite clearance estimation, in vitro analysis and internal quality control. Explore the tools below and contact us info@wwarn.org with your questions.

Parasite Clearance Estimator (PCE) is a uniform method to describe the parasite clearance rate. It is an important research tool when assessing antimalarial drug efficacy data for signs of change, an early indicator of antimalarial drug resistance.

In Vitro Analysis and Reporting Tool (IVART) is an online automated tool that can quickly produce accurate and reproducible estimations of antimalarial drug efficacy, known as IC50 estimations.

Obare Method Calculator is a tool to support researchers using microscopy in malaria research by calculating the mean parasite density and assessing whether two blood samples are concordant. It is a Microsoft Excel-based tool developed to facilitate adherence to the recommendations for internal quality control (IQC) defined in the recently released methods manual ‘Microscopy for the detection, identification and quantification of malaria parasites on stained thick and thin blood films in research settings’ (WHO 2015).

WWARN is committed to supporting efficient and quality data collection and analysis for antimalarial drug research. As such you can also download the NONlinear Mixed Effects Modeling (NONMEM) code used by selected Study Groups: