For the patient community

The IDDO Ebola data platform is a library of data from patients treated for Ebola. The data are anonymised so that no one can tell who the data comes from. The types of data in the library include information on symptoms of the disease, treatments used and laboratory tests. The data will be made available for researchers so that they can find better treatments, diagnose the disease more quickly and accurately, and improve the outcomes of future patients.

Vaccination campaign. Credit: UNMEER/Aalok Kanani
Vaccination campaign. Credit: UNMEER/Aalok Kanani

Why do we need an Ebola data platform?

Good research needs a lot of data. The more data there is for researchers to study, the more accurate their results will be. This platform ensures that data are kept for a long time so that researchers in the future can access it to answer new scientific research questions about Ebola.

Can anyone be identified by their data?

If you have been infected with Ebola, data about your illness may be included in this library. However, when data are submitted to us all the information is anonymised so that anything which could identify it as being about you is removed, for example your name or address. Thus, active steps are taken to ensure that no data on the platform can be used to identify a specific individual. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at or +44 1865 612 975.