Deadline extended for WIPO Re:Search Fellowship Program

Researchers from low and middle-income countries who work in neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are invited to apply for a fellowship starting this autumn.

Laboratory technician
Credit: Arne Hoel / World Bank

The programme is led by Bio Ventures for Global Health and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a global consortium that accelerates research and development for malaria, tuberculosis, and NTDs through research collaborations; and the Government of Australia.

They are looking for laboratory scientists who currently lead, or are part of, a research program in their institutes or universities and have a strong interest in developing additional skills in the areas of diagnostic, vaccine, or drug discovery research and development for malaria, tuberculosis, and NTDs.

Research sabbaticals will range from three to six months, and start in September. Sabbaticals will focus on product development of vaccines, diagnostics and drugs for NTDs, malaria, and tuberculosis research.

Funding will cover fellows’ visa applications, flights, and a living allowance. The deadline is March 29, and enquiries and completed applications should be emailed to Joseph Hargan-Calvopiña at