Malaria Case Record Form (CRF)

Malaria Clinical Trial Case Record Form



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To help investigators implement the Malaria Therapeutic Area Data Standard (TAUG-malaria) developed in partnership with CDISC we are delighted to share a standardised Case Record Form (CRF) which facilitates the collection of relevant clinical data according to CDASH (Clinical Data Acquisition Standards Harmonization) standards* and will map the data to the SDTM (Study Data Tabulation Model). Our CDASH compliant CRF is intended to be used by persons involved in the planning, collection, management and analysis of antimalarial clinical trials and clinical studies to ensure compliance to regulatory requirements for submission. We also hope it will promote data interchange allowing data to be pooled and shared, and ensure that clinical malaria data is appropriately archived and available for further analysis and reporting. We will develop training materials to accompany this CRF and the malaria standards in the coming months.

Download the Malaria Data Standard - if you are not already signed-up you will need to create a free CDISC account.

We also have an associated REDCap template database. Please contact us should you be interested in accessing this (you will require a licence with REDCap) or if you have suggestions for the CRF