Literature database from the Malaria in Pregnancy Consortium

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The Malaria in Pregnancy Library is a regularly updated, comprehensive bibliographic database of published and unpublished literature relating to malaria in pregnancy. 

Malaria in pregnancy can have devastating consequences for the mother and the unborn child. Each year up to 125 million pregnancies occur in malaria endemic countries. Infection with malaria in pregnancy can result in pregnancy loss, maternal death, severe maternal anaemia and low infant birth weight which greatly increases the risk of death.

Treating patients with malaria during pregnancy also presents many challenges for clinicians and patients. The potential for complex risks and life-threatening complications in the mother or unborn child often exclude pregnant women from clinical drug trials. Paradoxically, this reality causes a knowledge gap in drug efficacy in the same patient populations that carry this large proportion of the disease burden.

The Malaria in Pregnancy Consortium has developed the most comprehensive and reliable database of literature on malaria in pregnancy available to help simplify our understanding of malaria in pregnancy and highlight the gaps in our knowledge.

This database includes published literature from journal articles (about 70%), books, reports, PhD theses, governmental policy documents and a range of other unconventional published literature and unpublished literature from ongoing clinical trials, ongoing clinical studies, ongoing PhDs, unpublished PhDs, aborted research and any other unconventional unpublished literature on the topic

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