West Africa Regional Centre

The WWARN West Africa Regional Centre facilitates networking activities in the region and helps researchers to develop their research skills and implement drug resistance surveillance strategies.

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microscopy lab, Nigeria
Credit Rick Scavetta, US Army Africa

With the confirmation of artemisinin drug resistance emerging from Southeast Asia, raising awareness of the potential public health impact of drug resistant malaria in Africa is critical.

WWARN activities in West Africa

  • Build capacity in malaria-endemic countries of the region
  • Identify and adapt research approaches to meet the challenges of local endemic communities and stakeholders
  • Provide tailored clinical study support to local researchers – for example train researchers to gain skills in efficient data and specimen management, and data analysis
  • Facilitate national and regional research dissemination and advocacy initiatives such as advocating for regional funding of research activities related to antimalarial drug efficacy
  • Create Study Groups open to researchers across the region who would like to propose and answer research questions on themes such as drug efficacy
  • Advocate for the building of surveillance networks and tools to ensure early identification of artemisinin resistance
  • Provide support to participate in the WWARN External Quality Assurance Programmes
  • Coordinate an ongoing literature review and data analysis of molecular markers of sulfadoxine pyrimethamine (SP) in collaboration with the MIP Scientific Group and common ACT partner drugs

We are working with a range of regional partners including WHO / AFRO, the RBM West Africa Regional Network (WARN), the West African Health Organisation (WAHO), research centres and universities, national malaria control programmes (NMCPs), development agencies, and the African Development Bank (ADB).

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Contact us: penda.toure@wwarn.org or amadou.seck@wwarn.org