Medicine Quality Monitoring Globe user guide

Navigating the Medicine Quality Monitoring (MQM) Globe

Use this tool to visualise Google News articles of substandard and falsified medical products on-screen in English, French Spanish and Mandarin (see Methodology for definitions). Search box and tools on the left allow the user to search data by key term(s) and to filter by date and publication language. Customised reports of the search results can also be generated and downloaded in English, French and Spanish. 
Overview of the system 

Pins mark each location with medical product quality event(s) represented on this system. Please read the Disclaimer and Caveats section for important information. Medical products include medicines, vaccines, diagnostic tests and medical devices. 

By default only the articles published within the last three months are displayed - older reports can be displayed using the filters in the left side bar (see below), and only ‘Curated’ articles (red pins), i.e. those that have been manually flagged as relevant and curated by the curators, are displayed by default. 

Click a pin to see the event location, article title, medical product(s) source, quality type and text extract of the source article. Click on the ‘Source’ tab to see the associated source article, where available. As an example: 


Image 1


Each pin may represent different articles, scroll down to see each article’s details. 

Click on the icons on the top right of the screen to visualise the data with other map projections, e.g. a flat world map.

Click on the arrow below the map to see the timeline panel, i.e. the spread of the number of reports by months, weeks or days, depending on the search range.

Customise the information to be displayed 

Enter the topic of interest in the search box above the map. 


Image 2


Click on the arrow on the left of the map to open the search/filter panel. Enter the topic of interest in the search box. Additional filters are available in the panel to select a specific publication date range and/or language.  

Image 3


Click on the search button after having selected the desired search terms, date range and language(s). Any subsequent change of a filter or a date range requires the user to re-run the search to display the specific articles. 

Slide the button to ‘non-curated’ (orange pins) to see articles flagged as relevant by the machine learning system but that have not been curated by the curators.  

Customised reports can be generated  
A pdf report of articles providing data or information related to medicine quality for a specific search term, date range and/or publication language can be created for searches generating less than 100 reports only.

Use the search box and filters on the left side (see above), run the search and click on the ‘Download’ button. 


Image 4