WWARN Antimalarial – Lumefantrine POP/PK Study Group NONMEM codes 1 & 2



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WWARN is committed to supporting efficient and quality data collection and analysis for antimalarial drug research. As such you can download the NONMEM code files used by the Antimalarial – Lumefantrine POP/PK Study Group. See the grey box on the right, there are two files Code 1 and Code 2. NONMEM is a computer program, NONlinear Mixed Effects Modeling, used by WWARN’s Pharmacometric Scientific Group to prepare the paper: Artemether-lumefantrine dosing for malaria treatment in young children and pregnant women: A pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic meta-analysis. 

Click on the download button on the right, there are two code files to download, Code 1 and Code 2. --->