WWARN is continually updating a library of standardised procedures that offer guidance in the execution of various activities in the fields of clinical, in vitro, pharmacology, data collection and molecular analysis for antimalarial drug resistance researchers. Please read our tools and resources usage guidance.

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Publication Code: EXT05

PCR amplification of the polymorphic marker msp1 to distinguish recrudescences from reinfections

Version: 1.0

Publication Code: CL10

Preparing thick and thin blood smears with Giemsa staining

Version: 2.0

Publication Code: MOL05

Estimating pfmdr1 gene copy number by real-time PCR

Version: v1.1

Publication Code: INV01

Methods for short- and long term culture of Plasmodium falciparum laboratory strains and fresh isolates

Version: v1.0

Publication Code: INV07

Drug susceptibility assay measuring radioactive hypoxanthine uptake in laboratory strains and fresh isolates.

Version: v1.0

Publication Code: INV04

Synchronising culture adapted Plasmodium falciparum isolates in ring stage

Version: v1.1

Publication Code: EXT02

Extracting Plasmodium spp. DNA from dried blood spots by Chelex 100

Version: 1.0

Publication Code: INV09

Drug susceptibility assay measuring histidine-rich protein production by ELISA in fresh isolates

Version: v1.0

Publication Code: INV03

Preparation of drug dilutions in dry or fresh plates for drug susceptibility assays

Version: v1.2

Publication Code: MOL06

Storing and processing malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) for DNA extraction

Version: v1.1